Wireless Connectivity

In partnership with top networking brands, LTS offers wireless internet connectivity solutions, virtually anywhere, including over bodies of water, rugged terrain, and remote locations.

Wireless Connectivity and IoT

Wireless Connectivity

Availability of wired internet and setting up wireless internet connection services is dependent on the location, making the upgrading of existing wired infrastructure economically impractical in many areas. In partnership with top networking brands, LTS is offering wireless connectivity solutions. We provide connectivity virtually anywhere, including over bodies of water, rugged terrain, and remote locations.

Moreover, to make the connection reliable, our wireless internet setup provides backup connectivity solutions, high-speed connectivity, and allows securing wireless internet connection services easily.

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High Speed Connectivity

LTS’ connectivity solutions ensure wireless internet speed to match the best 5G network. Our fixed wireless internet connection helps your business stay fast & ahead of competition.

Solution Oriented

With wireless network troubleshooting, our solutions address and solve wireless internet issues via a secure backup connection so you never lose connectivity.

Secure & Reliable

Our wireless internet configuration allows connecting wireless router to internet securely and reliably, so your network never gets interrupted by disruptions.

Mobile IoT solution for Tracking Indoor Air Quality

Air quality monitoring solution for both private and business use. The system utilizes IoT to track the quality of our every breath. It consists of the UBox device, cloud platform, and the UBreez application. The solution measures temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and VOC indoors to keep them at optimal for health and productivity level. Forhealth estimates the savings and productivity gains from improved indoor at 25 to 150 billion USD per year.

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