Technical Services

Providing smart solutions for technical challenges in IoT with services in instrumentation, field work, and engineering. LTS caters to every facet of your industry project with high-performing technology powered by IoT.

IOT Technical Services

LTS provides technical services to leading industry projects covering all technical aspects of IoT. We engineer smart control systems, deploy field instruments and control valves, and test & calibration equipment. Our experts employ cutting-edge IoT technical design for each business according to their needs.

Experience the technical benefits of IoT through our detailed offerings mentioned below.

Instrumentation & Control

We provide industry-specific solutions to deal with critical and complex challenges at each level of your business. Our instrumentation & control automation services are the technical building blocks of IoT, going far beyond meeting your immediate needs for application or equipment repair. We take a long-term, holistic approach to determine your facility and operational needs and develop a strategy for improving the performance of your people, systems, and processes.


Our expert engineers devise solutions according to technical design of IoT systems, including:

  • DCS & PLC control systems
  • ESD & FGS systems
  • Supervisory control and data acquisition systems SCADA
  • ICSS consultancy
  • Piping Isometrics
  • Revamping and Reverse engineering
  • Instrument detailed design
  • Power Monitoring and Interface Systems
  • Vibration Monitoring Systems

Field Services

Our field services cover all technical requirements for IoT to ensure seamless operational flow.

  • E&I Construction works
  • Mechanical Construction works
  • Piping fabrication
  • Installation Supervision and Site Management
  • Instrument installation and field calibration
  • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Activities
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical process assistance
  • Maintenance assistance


We provide innovative learning and development solutions covering multiple areas and industries, tailored to meet your needs. Our courses are delivered in both face-to-face and eLearning environments, ensuring training objectives are achieved no matter where you are.


We help companies realize the benefits of IoT and avail them with technical expertise that is required to set up, manage, and run an IoT system post-implementation.

Our IoT consultants impart technical skills required for IoT to help companies launch their first IoT project. With updated execution plans that gain actionable outcomes from their data, we perform the following:

  • Requirement gathering based on business needs
  • Assess the IoT maturity level of the organization
  • Build use cases & quantize KPIs
  • Have a robust implementation plan
  • Build and deploy a pilot project
  • Identify operations that become smooth when automated using IoT
  • Deliver actionable insights which can help companies increase their revenue

Why your business needs the service

Project Implementation Control

With our leading technical IoT services, companies gain complete control of their project implementation. We help businesses onboard the technical foundations of IoT to acquaint them with systems and devices, and maintain a smooth transition.

Addresses IoT Technical Challenges

Businesses face difficulty in shifting from traditional technology to IoT owing to its many technical challenges. LTS aids your venture in addressing challenges unique to your services before they happen, and sets up backup systems. 

Expert Consultations

IoT business models and extended technical requirements are the hallmarks of new IoT companies. We provide training and consultation services to give your business complete autonomy over the process.

Our Process


We will analyze all the requirements, and understand the needs of the Product goal and concept of its development and define the road map of the product.


Carving requirements into a logical module to make it expressive and giving it a proper user friendly interface. Because we believe UI/UX is intelligence made visible


In this stage, we make the road map of the required module and designs functionally working and interactive by implementing our standard code architectures.


Security assurance activities include architecture analysis during design, during coding, code review and build, and executing testing before release


It is absolutely necessary to boost the product and deploy it on its dedicated place so the user can access it in real-time and be able to operate it as per the required convenience.


We keep track and provide time to time enhancements to the product developed as it is an important step which makes sure that your product works with efficiency all the time

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