GPS Tracking and Innovative IoT Solutions

Stay in control of your IoT systems with a multifunctional GPS tracking system compatible with complex telematics projects

Tabae’s Premium Features

Display content such as images, videos and data dashboards on your
screens quickly and easily.

Ultimate Platform for Innovative Telematics and IoT solutions

Hardware Agnostic Product

Supports specific hardware for vehicles, machinery, stationary assets, and people, so you can find a suitable telematics device for any project. Additional equipment reads temperature, weight, angle, and dozens of other monitoring parameters for multi-faceted analytics.

Platform for Developers

Our open API allows integrating Tabae with other services from accounting systems to niche and targeted solutions.

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Tracks over mobiles
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Tabae Hosting

Cloud-based monitoring system

The monitoring system is stored and administered in our data centers. Tabae monitoring system in your browser. You launch an integrator’s business having just a laptop.

Server-based GPS tracking system

The monitoring system is deployed on your or your client’s server. We provide the entire functionality for GPS tracking. You pay only for those functions that you actually use.

Tabae app for
Android and iOS

The app gives access to the Tabae GPS tracking platform anytime, anywhere. You can use the basic and advanced functionality of the system’s web version while remaining mobile.

Units List Control

Get all the necessary information on movement and ignition status, data actuality, and unit location in real time.


Send commands: messages, route requests for configuration. or camera images for the unit remote control.


Switch on/off the visual display of the unit’s location inside of a geofence instead of address information.

Informative Reports

Use the detailed data on the vehicle’s rides, stops, fuel thefts, and fillings for decision-making on the spot.


Control the unit’s events (movement, stops, fuel usage) in chronological order and display them on the map.

Map Mode

Access units, geofences, tracks, and event markers on the map.

Who is Digital
Signage for ?


Manage your meeting rooms with synchronized calendars. Deploy screens in recreational areas to keep employees updated about events, milestones and opportunities.

Why Choose Tabae?

Online Tracking

Respond to any event in a split second

Fuel Control

Calculate fuel consumption with maximum accuracy

Route Optimization

Reduce mileage and time to reach destination

Workforce Management

Keep your human capital managed and accounted for

Sensor Data Reading

Analyze more data than a tracker or CAN bus allows

Geofence Control

Trace assets and events within the specified area

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Prevent accidents and wear-and-tear of the machinery

Video Telematics Solution

See routes and drivers live with your own eyes

Readily available use casesto start building
on-demand IoT solutions

Smart Meter

Smart City

Smart Farming

Smart Logistics