Solutions Design & Execution

LTS innovates its solutions with leading IoT design services. Keep your business ahead of the curve with customized IoT system design in logistics, networks, automation & more

Solutions Design & Execution

IoT in Solutions Design And Execution

The right IoT product design can transform your services, making it a crucial step in your journey of evolving with the latest technology. LTS brings customized solutions using design principles of IoT which ensure your venture makes the transition to IoT smoothly. 

Our engineers are experts in designing and executing solutions for fleet management, networking, smart cities, automation and more using cutting-edge industrial IoT design.

With our IoT design and development services, businesses all over Saudi Arabia are incorporating Internet of Things in their offerings and taking a step towards a smart future in KSA.

Why Your Business Needs IoT Solutions Design & Execution

Transforms Existing Services

As every business transitions to the Internet of Things, LTS helps you integrate IoT hardware design and IoT UX design seamlessly into existing devices and networks.   

Easy to Use and Adapt

Say goodbye to tricky interfaces that drive away users – LTS creates a user-friendly IoT app design that makes the switch to IoT easy. Additionally, we implement an IoT dashboard design that helps you navigate the interface effortlessly.

Expert Design Service

Designing IoT devices has never been simpler as our experts engineer IoT solutions that fit your business needs precisely. As one of the leading IoT design companies in KSA, we guarantee quality design like no other.

Our Process


We will analyze all the requirements, and understand the needs of the Product goal and concept of its development and define the road map of the product.


Carving requirements into a logical module to make it expressive and giving it a proper user friendly interface. Because we believe UI/UX is intelligence made visible


In this stage, we make the road map of the required module and designs functionally working and interactive by implementing our standard code architectures.


Security assurance activities include architecture analysis during design, during coding, code review and build, and executing testing before release


It is absolutely necessary to boost the product and deploy it on its dedicated place so the user can access it in real-time and be able to operate it as per the required convenience.


We keep track and provide time to time enhancements to the product developed as it is an important step which makes sure that your product works with efficiency all the time

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