Smart Waste Management

LTS emphasizes a green future with smart waste management using state-of-the-art cloud-based software connected to IoT sensors and smart bin technology for streamlined waste collection and disposal

Smart Waste Management

Smart Waste Management

This customized solution using RFID technology along with fleet management provides ease to monitor the bin collection activity of garbage trucks. With individual bin ID tracking in real-time, you can identify, locate and manage the waste collection process for a municipality.

With LTS’ smart waste management solutions, you can:

    • Verify waste pick-up times with bin ID and real-time GPS data.
    • Monitor garbage truck activity with real-time maps.
    • Identify lost or damaged bins.
    • Plan routes based on need.
    • Increases driver’s efficiency.
    • Help plan the route for each truck.
    • Eliminate the chance of missing pickup of any bin.
    • Cut down on fuel costs.
    • Improve overall efficiency of removal operations.
    • Manage trash bin inventory, status, and maintenance with increased visibility.

How our Smart waste Management Can Help

Universal Connectivity

Our Edge Solutions effortlessly connect to various sensors, equipment, SCADA and DCS using the most common Industrial and IoT communication protocols.

Simple Integration

Iolite's cutting-edge technology simplifies and accelerates system engineering, enabling seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. Setup and running in minutes.

Secured & Reliable

Experience industry-proven technologies that ensure high performance, reliability, and advanced security, even in the most demanding situations.

Mobile IoT solution for Tracking Indoor Air Quality

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