Smart Security & Survelliance

Offering complete smart surveillance security solutions using the latest IP-based technology and IoT. Our systems include CCTV, ANPR solutions, access control, and smart analytics, ensuring top-notch security for your devices.

CCTV Camera

Our CCTV cameras can monitor homes, offices, vehicles, malls, residential areas, and government sectors anywhere from the world using secure and user-friendly CCTV solutions.

We offer unique features like instant playback, dual-stream management, location management with eMap, remote access via mobile app, web browser or CSM and a large storage capacity. Integrating smart security WiFi surveillance cameras allows users comprehensive coverage and control.

With CCTV solutions added to the tracking process, you will have a complete security solution which allows viewing inside and outside your vehicle and comparing this view with data generated from the GPS tracker. 

Cash Vans & Movement Of Valuable Assets

Providing smart IoT solutions for critical movement including alerts (along with the vehicle’s location) in case of door tempering, unusual vehicle movement, geo-fencing, etc. We customize solutions according to client requirements to make them more secure according to the situation.

Smart Analytics for Enhanced Security

Our analytical software provides robust video analysis for security and surveillance, including features like line crossing and object counting, entering area, missing object, unattended object, tampering, and people counting, integral to our smart security surveillance system

Smart Parking and ANPR Systems

We execute smart parking and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) solutions to detect and recognize vehicle license plates, offer efficiency in parking, traffic control and law enforcement. This technology integrates seamlessly with our smart TV for security surveillance systems.

Comprehensive Access Control

LTS’s access control solutions encompass all aspects of smart security under one roof for a complete monitoring and surveillance smart home security monitoring solution. 

  • Entrance Control
  • Face Recognition
  • Fingerprint Recognition
  • Palm Recognition
  • Time Attendance
  • Time Attendance + Access Control

How our fleet management Can Help

Surveillance for Enhanced Safety

Our IoT systems provide smart camera security surveillance for real-time monitoring. Perfect for residential and commercial properties, ensuring every corner is covered and movements tracked.

Intelligent Home Security

Our smart home security surveillance solutions offer unparalleled protection, from door sensors to motion detectors, we provide a seamless security experience, ensuring your home is always safe.

Remote Monitoring

Our IoT solutions allow for remote monitoring and control, giving you the power to check in on your premises through smartphones or other devices. Stay connected to your property from anywhere.

Mobile IoT solution for Tracking Indoor Air Quality

Air quality monitoring solution for both private and business use. The system utilizes IoT to track the quality of our every breath. It consists of the UBox device, cloud platform, and the UBreez application.
The solution measures temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2, and VOC indoors to keep them at optimal for health and productivity level. Forhealth estimates the savings and productivity gains from improved indoorat 25 to 150 billion USD per year.

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