Industries We Serve

Delivering leading technical services for a range of industry projects in IoT, oil & gas, petrochemicals, manufacturing, utilities, and more. Our IoT solutions provide advanced services for every leading industry in the region

Industry Specific Solution

Over the years, LTS have been the top choice for market leading companies in the region. Our quality and service have always helped us to have a sustaining and rewarding relationship with our esteemed clientele.

Power & Utilities

Our communication network infrastructure for power substations and electricity distribution keeps the country running smoothly.

Factory Automation

A full-service systems integrator that provides turnkey automation solutions to manufacturing companies.

Water & Wastewater

Treatment plants ensure provision of clean water and filter waste using our remote networks to ensure seamless communication around the plant.

IP Surveillance

Keeping your security needs met with the latest IoT technology, our IP cameras provide real-time data over a fast, wireless network.

Oil & Gas

Providing the most reliable source of energy to the region, our specific oil & gas solutions keeps this integral industry running.


For smooth fleet movement and tracking, browse our industry-specific packets for your fleet management strategies.

Our IoT Consulting Services Help Scale Your Industry Projects

LTS consultants are Internet of Things experts who help companies launch their industry-specific IoT projects, with updated execution plans and actionable outcomes

Industries We Serve

IoT solutions that provide advanced services for every leading industry in the region. We guarantee Internet of Things security and protection from IoT device security risks for your business.

how our industry specific solutions can help

LTS stands at the forefront of innovation, offering tailored IoT solutions that transform industries across Saudi Arabia. Our commitment to excellence and understanding of unique industry challenges enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency, enhance safety, and foster sustainability.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Across sectors like oil & gas, transportation, and factory automation, our IoT solutions optimize processes through real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, and smart data analytics. This leads to improved resource management, reduced downtime, and streamlined operations.

Safety and Security:

 In industries such as IP surveillance and transportation, our IoT technologies play a critical role in enhancing safety. With advanced surveillance systems and safety protocols, we provide real-time monitoring and rapid response capabilities, ensuring a secure environment for all.


Our IoT solutions in water & wastewater management and power & utilities contribute significantly to environmental sustainability. By optimizing resources, reducing waste, and integrating renewable energy sources, we support sustainable practices and help industries meet their environmental goals.

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