Your IoT Platform for Digital Transformation

Device management, data collection, data processing, and project visualization for your IoT solution

Bnan’s Exciting Features

Bnan combines scalability, fault-tolerance, and performance so you never lose data.

Maximizes Revenue

Optimize your operations, increase factory output and service revenue, accelerate time to market, and new business models to maximize revenue growth and customer lifetime value.

Improve Efficiency

Streamline your operations with innovative technology to increase productivity, do more with less, and stay ahead of global market challenges.

Reduce Operational Costs

Collect, analyze, and present data and actionable insights needed to reduce operational costs—without impacting production schedules or quality

An End-to-End IoT Platform

Get the fastest results without worrying about technical challenges: data collection, visualization, rules, analytics, and more!

IoT Becomes Easy

Create IoT applications with drag-and-drop convenience and significantly reduce project times using built-in tools.

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Different Cities

Who Is Bnan For?

Bnan’s smart technology implements digital transformations for your cities through IoT integration, high-speed data processing, and real-time insights into your smart devices. 


Farmers can optimize crop production with smart sensors integrated in drones and agricultural vehicles, increase crop production, and minimize threats.

Smart Cities

Fleet Control

Streamline your logistics operations, automate fleet movement, and track vehicle progress with Bnan. Make smart decisions in real-time to maximize fleet efficiency.

Why choose us?


Our core team reviews your business use cases, existing technology,
and processes

Solution Dev

Our experienced engineering team enables rapid application of your IoT solutions

Managed Services

We can also take over the administration of your Bnan systems completely

DevOps services

Our experienced DevOps team manages the smooth administration of Bnan

Proof of Concept

In short, our team implements your most critical IoT transition seamlessly

Readily available use casesto start building
on-demand IoT solutions

Smart Meter

Smart City

Smart Farming

Smart Logistics